The one about American Idol

The Senior Librarian and I have this conversation every year about American Idol last year it was all Archeleta and Cookie (We are Cookie fans).

This year we can’t decide. Kris Allen? (And I don’t even like this song)  Adam Lambert ( I don’t even LIKE this song) Danny Gokey? (And I don’t like this one either).

So that was pretty much all the pressing news for the entire day. Got that taken care of by 7:31.

Then we got to see all the contraband the squad found—all kinds of things can be used as a weapon in a prison and I KNOW it—but it is always a surprise.

Our pens…the clicky ones everyone uses? They use the springy thing and the empty barrel to make a zip gun. We can use Bics with pen fillers.

Printer ink? They keister it and take it back to the yard for tattoo ink.

They steal our PAPERCLIPS to make lighters. (It has something to do with salt and water and the electrical receptacles. )  They can also use them to make illegal extension cords.  (I had to search for those once. I didn’t even know what I was looking for.)


One thought on “The one about American Idol

  1. I loathe Danny Gokey. He totally whored his dead wife in the auditions, Hollywood Week, and semi finals. I wouldn’t put him out if he was on fire…

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