The one about why I knit

This is why I really knit. At all.

It’s the colors.

And the tactile sensation.

I’m not all that skilled. I’m slow (okay, I am working on my continental style, to speed things up)

Because I’m the SLOWEST knitter on the planet. And I knit every day. I throw my yarn over like the knitter of the green thing in this video….only not so fast. And I have a chair just like this, with this same little “office” set-up. I keep my knitting notions in a chinese wedding basket that I lined with fabric and little side pockets. It doesn’t travel with me. I have fabric bags that I got from Mimi, who customized them just for me.  I’ve had them for years and drag them everywhere–travel, work, in the car. Mimi was wonderful to work with and really puts out a quality bag. I have matching needle cases for my “main” bag at home. They too, are just super–way better than the impulse items I’ve bought at knit shops. They are perfect for traveling. I have several, so I’m disheveled, but color coordinated.

Okay, I also knit because:

  • the repitition soothes my soul
  • I like making things for my family
  • I really like knitting for my friends who are having babies/grandbabies. Every baby needs something that was made exclusively for her.
  • it keeps me from snacking
  • it keeps the economy going. I am sure I am single handedly keeping the knitting industry afloat.

One thought on “The one about why I knit

  1. I’ve never even heard of the continental method of knitting before! Going to have to investigate that now. Wonder how you do the other stitches…

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