I have the pattern and am going to use Rialto

rialto062rialto042rialto191sophia-lg2This cardigan in duckegg Or slate or stone. I’m a quiet dresser at work…black, white, gray. Or white, gray and black. When I really go crazy, it’s gray, black and white. But I bought some red flats and some hot pink flats for summer….oh, I coveted the strappy wedges but in the rare chance I might have to run for my life, I’d like to actually run.

I also was at Uncommon Threads in Los Altos (I heart LA) and bought some Calmer in a pretty water color for Lisi’s sweater. basic-chic-hoodie_yarn-aqua-marine(Chicknits Hoodie)

And I have Mike’s sweater all but done. It’s just a sweater. Blue.

I have 90 days to get them all done before I go back to San Francisco and ONLY if I’m finished (okay, all but finished), can I buy yarn. I’m not a big stasher.

Oh, I read this and quite liked it. 9781401340803beachknit_lThe review is pretty much right, but it was yet a good little read. It’s not Danielle Steele, that’s for sure.


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