Gosh, I miss my Mom


3 thoughts on “Gosh, I miss my Mom

  1. My email and this post must have crashed in cyberspace!
    W love this DVD, too. We hardly need the sound. On car journeys, we just sing it right through, all taking different parts.
    Did your mother like the music or do you find these songs express what you feel at the moment?
    Hmmm, maybe you should listen to some of the more cheerful ones along with these more thoughtful ones, chloe.

  2. When my kids were little and we were living in Porterville, we would go to all of the high school/community musicals. This was a real popular one as was INTO THE WOODS.

    Ben and Lisi were very little (maybe 3 and 6)–so little they could sit on top of the seats to watch. When Pharaoh threw Joseph in jail, they both wailed “He didn’t dooooo it! He is innocent! She’s lying!”

    She really enjoyed going to live shows with us. She took me to live shows when I was little, too.

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