There are no buttons in this town

I finished my wee little sweater for Liam’s baby, Joe and all I need are six little blue buttons.

There are no button stores IN THIS TOWN.

Joanne’s has closed. I guess I could go to WalMart….well, not right now.  Everyone (except me) in King’s County is at WalMart, so that isn’t even an option. So I washed it  and bullied it into shape and it is blocking right now. Amazing what some aggressive blocking can do for a piece.

Onto Mike’s sweater. The back is done and so are both sleeves (not sure I like the decrease on the sleeves. They may need some agressive frogging. Not sure.) So I have the front and the button bands and the collar. Almost done.

I was at Target the instant they opened-I had a little shopping to do and I didnt want to poke around with a gazillion people. Zoomed over to Staples to drop off Mike’s laptop (it is super slow) and get a 32GB flash drive. (I have some of my old ones and a 1 GB was truly huge).

I need to take my laptop in when we get Mike’s back, so I’m saving EVERYTHING. Next week, I’m going to offload my photos to Photobucket…well, start to offload everything. It is a slow process.

I’m watching The Real Housewives of New York weekend vice. That Bagette and Croissant are two wild children. What their parents were thinking when they reproduced, I will never know. And that DisCountess, Luanne de Lessuez just knocks me out.  F. Scott Fitzgerald was basically correct when he remarked “The rich are different from you and I.” This entire bunch is nothing like me, which is why it is like watching the monkeys at the zoo. ($3,700 for shoes. I got some $11 flats at Payless and was just tickled! New shoes! $11! Because who wants to wear the damn things forever?)

I’ve been pulling out all of my junk from the baskets under my coffee table. It was a shredfest, I can tell you. (I keep my shredder in the downstairs bathroom.) Tomorrow, I’m cleaning out my dresser–the drawers are so full, I cannot jam in another pair of underpants.


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