The one about the hangers

Yesterday was Mother’s Day and Ben came over. He made me a pretty beaded bracelet that I just love. It has bees and flower charms on it–exactly the kind of thing I like. He also weeded and cooked—a truly 4-star dinner. He is a great cook. (Did not get that from me.)

I got wooden hangers– 100 of them—and 10 jewelry organizers. I’m trying to get my closet into some kind of order so that it looks like an adult lives here and not a five year old. Actually, when Lisi was five her closet was more organized than mine is right now.

I think, since it is moving into summer, it is time for me to pitch my black jeans that don’t fit anymore anyway. It is khaki and white jean season now (in the fall, it is black slacks. Every day.)

Once in a while, I’ll think “I’d really like to wear a skirt and some heels”…..and then rethink that silly idea. I work in a prison. We can’t even wear sleeveless tops because it gets the inmates all worked up and crazy. So a skirt? A dress? Not here. Not ever.

And the pants have to have belt loops so I have someplace to keep my gear–my 40 pounds of keys, my alarm bucket, my pager, my chits….all the stuff that gets me in and out. I tried wearing a belt but I hate having all that stuff squishing me in the middle. So I have little D-rings on my belt loops and that works fine.

Wearing the same style of slacks day in and day out is freeing—I can having cute shoes (okay, they can be cute but I have to be able to run for my life in them. Seriously.)

In fact, we’ll talk about shoes AND THEIR RUN-A-BILITY. Brandy, the senior librarian got these seriously cute sandals and she had to check with Sabrina to see if they were all right for the yard. We actually had an entire conversation about whether or not she could run for her life in them.


2 thoughts on “The one about the hangers

  1. What Sabrina asked Bernice was, “Can she perform her duties in those shoes?”, to which Bernice replied, “Well, SHE can”, with the implication being that not everyone could 🙂

    And yes, I would never ever EVER (ever) wear a skirt to work. Shoot…

  2. Heavens, *I* would never wear a skirt to work, and I don’t work in a prison!
    Some of the things you lot say are frightening…

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