I15 Douty

Built in 1895, the Mills & Croft Building had a hotel upstairs, Harry’s Cafe on the corner and the Ruiz Barber Shop in the center. In 1995, when we bought the building, the barber shop had the original barber stools and the original marble topped barber stations. Upstairs, the original woodwork was intact, along with complete sets of Eastlake hinges and door sets.

Here it is around 1896

The county charter was signed here, also

In the 1960’s many beautiful old buildings were uglified. Ours was no exception. This is what it looked like when we bought it.

In the 1960's many old buildings were

February 11, 2005. The veranda was my Valentine’s present! It added another 1,000 square feet of space to the 3,900 square feet of the original hotel. The green windows were originally part of the old Stratford School. We can see across town, up and down the main street, watch the train go by and see down the street to the park.

February 11, 2005


One thought on “I15 Douty

  1. The Valentine present looks pretty neat BUT what do you look at while sitting out there? Another tall building? Or do you really have a view?

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