The one about the hotel, cheese straws and pink hair

Really, I promise I’ll get photos  up on 115 Douty this weekend. We’ve done a tone of work…the floors, the stained glass, buffing up the brass stair treads, my closet (WOW) and some custom details in my kitchen. I hate to cook but I really love having people over. Ben is the cook….his pomegrante chicken? Wow! His cheese straw recipe:

Puff pastry

Cheeses, shredded

real butter, garlic and sea salt

Pull the puff pastry apart into 3 or 4 layers (it needs to bee sort of frozen)

You are going to rub each layer with real butter (the stick should be soft) and sprinkle garlic and cheese on each layer. (Light hand on the garlic)

Atack each layer together and put the whole shebang between two sheets of wax paper.

Use a pizza cutter and slice drinking straw widths.

Give each straw a quarter twist and place on a baking sheet with a wax paper lining.

Bake at==oh, 150 for 10 minutes.

They are GREAT hot, but if you let them sit, the lawyers will finish baking.

I could each these all day long.

I’m getting my hair cut this weekend (I’m getting the appointment set up tomorrow) to get my hair actually CUT (as opposed to cutting it myself, using nail clippers with m y head hanging out the car window on a trip to Las Vegas in March.)  When it’s fresh, I can get away with it. Every day though, it looks a little whack.

So new hair with a little pink in it. Not lots. Just some little bits.

I’m too serious, anyway.


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