I actually got some housework done

Teachers don’t. We just let stuff pile up and I’m no exception. My bedroom has looked like we were moving for a year, now.

Yesterday, I opened up the windows and tossed out all of the bedding–wash and hang outside. Too big of a job, since I didn’t get it all finished but my heart was in the right place.

Tomorrow, I’m moving furniture around, dusting and actually vacuuming. I plan to hang up clothes up ON HANGERS, too.

My nightstand was “built” out of books….I bought some plastic drawer thingys from Target and now I actually have a four square nightstand. I look like I have a cleaning plan and shopping lists and everything.

The kitchen is clean AND the area around my chair is actually empty. All the junk , I filed elsewhere.

Tomorrow, I’m going to the hotel to get a littlw work down–you know–the kind that needs to GET done, but the kind you don’t want to pay someone to do. The scrubbing, heavy brushing/dusting from a ladder kind.


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