The one about my vacation

Things are tough all over, especially in construction—so we spent my two week vacation at home.

I have a pool. It’s something like 109. (I did buy a new bathing suit. At Target. The last time I bought a bathing suit was….oh, ten years ago.)

I worked on some house projects.

I’m working on a crazy quilt, using velvets, kimono and fancy wedding fabrics. I’m doing it all by hand and then when it looks like I’ve done enough, I’ll use silk ribbon to fancy stitch it.

I’m working on the scrapbook for the hotel…I have hundreds of photos. We’ve been working on it for, oh, thirteen years now, so it is slow going. The upside is that everything has been done for cash. The downside is that doing it for cash is SLOW.

I am so ready to have it finished and ready to move into. If I could, I would box up 90% of the stuff in this house. Maybe  that’s what my next project will be.


One thought on “The one about my vacation

  1. I bought a new bathing suit this year but I ahve yet to use it. There is a pool 5 blcoocks from me and one day . . .

    We had two days of hot weather — 109 and 107 and the other 9 days have been int he high 90’s. I wish I ahd a pool in my backyard.

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