The one about how layoffs make-a you crazy

I have 15 teachers below me at work. This is important how?

We have organized layoffs in our department. The three teachers with the least seniority got pink-slipped 90 days ago and had the option of looking for work within the prison system—only one of them got walked off; one of them is planning to go to cosmetology school and one has made no plans at all. She is sure something will work out.

So there are several waves of layoffs–so far, not touching me. It looks like they will just miss me…and I am guilty of wishing that the people who are higher on the ladder than I would retire or move or just get out of my way.

In the meantime, I’ll look into my retirement options because I’m not waiting for a pink slip.

Mike is getting some work and the rentals are all filled and current, which is a good thing. (I had to get all ugly faced with one tenant—I knew he had the money and was lying to me. One thing I can tell is a liar. I have plenty of practice.


4 thoughts on “The one about how layoffs make-a you crazy

  1. I am glad the rentals are all finally current. So, what are you like when you’re “ugly-faced”? Don’t think I’ve seen that one.

    You have enough years in. If I were you, I would sooooooo be looking into getting paid to stay at home.

    That would be glorious.

    1. We are really close to moving…in fact, I am emptying out the house where we live and having a lot of the furniture either moved upstairs or taken to the upholsterers to be recovered. I’m only keeps the things I really love and giving the rest to charity. The part i like about moving is the several years of projects once I move! I’m working on the veranda “landscaping” right now–adding big pots to soften the corners and dragging the furniture I have in our backyard up those stairs. I think I’ll paint it white.

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