Furlough Friday

On the unsuccessful hunt for a GREAT! BIG! chandelier to go in the skylight over the lobby. Drove all over, but not to Bakersfield or Chowchilla. Found lots of stuff, but no light fixtures big enough. I did find the two alabaster domes for the library…can’t decided if I want ivory, white or the brown ones with some kind of desigh around the lip. Mike can decide. I just did the pointing part.

Tomorrow, I’ll go out for 9 gazillion yards of plain brown ribbon to start covering raw edges and seamlines on my crazy quilt. I’ll wait until I go to San Francisco to buy the velvet backing (more choices of colors at Britex).

Ordered the fabric swatch I think I’m using to recover my couch–leopard print velvet. Have to check how it feels and how dense the pattern is.

All of this re-doing is a LOT OF WORK.  And A LOT OF DETAILS. I still haven’t found faucets and handles for the kitchen. Still have no idea what I’m doing in the bathrooms or the bedrooms, either. I think I’m going a pretty champagne linen finish in the bedroom (base coat is shiney so it will pick up the light when the two colors are put on and combed thru. Sounds like a bigger deal than it is.

Oh! The terrible view out the kitchen window? Solved the dilimma (window is too tall and narrow for good looking curtains; I don’t want a blind or a shade; the view is hideous (new roofing and the backside of a brick building.) We found an old windowframe with mirror in the glass parts. Loved it. The one we saw wasn;t big enough for my window (by 20 inches) but Mike can build one for me. Solves the view problem and will throw light back into the kitchen, which is dark because of the sole window.

So my furlough Friday wasn;t totally wasted.


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