The one about changing hours at work

We have one teacher who has a second job. We work until 4, and that means he goes right from here to the second job. He wants the 40-some teachers to change their hours so he has a little break. This is the same guy who thinks I should retire forthwith so that he can climb the seniority ladder. Mind you, he talks trash about me and the other senior teachers….so obviously he is lacking that skill of honey v vinegar. Like THAT is going to make me want to be sympathetic to a really unsympathetic fella.

His rationale? “I have a wife and kids to support.”

Really? I just go to work because there is nothing good on tv. (snort)

Dude, put on your big boy panties and deal with this.

I am not voting for a change. I get to work ALREADY at 7 oh oh. I’ve had three jobs before; you have no down time. And as far as the wife and kids part? At least he has another adult to HELP with the kids. I did it alone, with three jobs and I was exhausted. But I never lost sight of the fact that teaching was my main job; it was the one with a retirement program and health benefits. I had to work the other jobs AROUND that one and it was hard.

And as far as retiring? I think that is my choice. And since really? I can retire any day now, I think I’ll retire when I feel like it. Yes, I AM expensive. I’ve been doing this forever, with two graduate degrees.  And if you have a graduate degree, you know HOW HARD it is to get one. Sort of like giving birth on a bed of live coals. In a hurricane.

I stumbled onto this job when you were probably in HIGH SCHOOL. There will always be people higher up on the seniority ladder than you because that is the way it works. I didn;t plan on getting here before you did; in fact, dude, I didn;t even know you existed.

So no, I don’t want to sign a petition to change my hours.

Rant over.


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