The one about Project Runway

I sew and I always have something to say about the quality of their work. (And when I say I sew, I mean I can tailor coats, not just mending!)

No way am I as imaginative as they are, though. My imagination pretty much runs to fabric and buttons.

I just ordered a dress form so I can make my stuff “en moulage”: No flat drafting, just pinning and tucking on a dress form and then fitted on me . Sort of whack and stack. Learned that in high school. In fact of the three best things I know, two of them were in high school–sewing and typing. The other one was in third grade, where we learned to balance a checkbook.

I am so envious of the fabric houses they go to. I have a Britex trip planned for late September and I have a list a mile long. How can you not love a fabric shop that has a button de jour on facebook?


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