Peeper spray

Is also called OC spray. And Jesus Juice. If you are ever hit, you will either say Jesus, see Him or just plain out beg for mercy. It is pretty powerful.

It is pretty much the same as having jalepeno chile juice sprayed in your eyes. It isn’t a picnic and I’m  sure it would get me in line right quick.

My eyes tear up and my nose runs, I look a mess….and the reason I even know this is when it gets fired off in my building, it spreads and hits everyone…inmates, staff, officers…depending on where you are standing when it goes off. Once, my officer sat down, tripped the handle and sprayed my office. It takes a minute for you to figure out what the heck is going on…and flooding your eyes with water helps. but your eyes will still tear up and your nose will still run. And you look a mess.

I work with functionally illiterate adults so what they hear is what they spelling is rarely their strong suit. So pepper spray sort of looks like peeper spray when you write it down. (“Don’t be spraying me with no peeper spray!”


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