Fabrics for the library

I’ve finally ordered the fabric for the couch —I’m having it recovered.

It is a curved sectional I bought about 20 years ago and it is comfortable and the perfect shape to go in front of the fireplace.Most of it will be that tapestry which reads MUCH more subtle in real life. The eeny bit of red is the same-ish color of the walls. The fronts of the cushions will have the animal print, with the battered brown leather for the piping.

Here is the fabric for the drapes. I’ll be making them myself (there are only four windows). In real life, it is more of a honey color, not so carmel-y. Simple panels fit inside the windows with quite a full swag with gold-y fringe. This gold is very sheer and crinkled and will be the sheers, to cut the afternoon light. Both of these fabrics are inexpensive enough that I can use plenty so they won’t be skimpy and I can draw them to the side. Haven’t decided yet if I’m using tassels or extra doorknobs.

I have two leather chairs to finish this little seating area…all in front of the fireplace. I’m not fan of chairs–I like sitting on a couch, so I can change ends.

The library is really big and I have space for this furniture PLUS two of these, which a) weigh a TON and b) are in pieces and being re-nickled and re porcelained in cream and c) re-upholstered in blood red alligator. My upholstery guy had the alligator for a job that went the way of the economy. The original order had paid for the hide, but disappeared when it was time for the work to be done.
The barber chairs go in a corner with a high, big round game table, so we can play Scrabble. They are great napping chairs, too. Really roomy.

No ceiling lights yet. Still looking. I found some plain round alabaster ones and I think I can use those for overhead lighting.
Here is the lampshade for the card table…too much isn’t enough!


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