Ever the optimist

Even with this hideous procedure looming over me (probably Monday next little medical thing coming up , I have my priorities in order.

I already have my books packed. I got the new Dexter. And I’m going to hit my friend Marian the Librarian for her copy of Homeland. My daughter took me shopping for some “decent” night gowns, sports bras (evidently the concept of wondering around bra-less is out this year for the over 50 set), some cute slippers that don’t look like old lady slippers ( NO SHUFFLING) and some yoga pants and cute tops.

I got a really gorgeous Elizabeth-Taylor-would-be -jealous purple robe in a lush velour but it isn’t really long enough to considered a robe, more like a popover for my yoga pants, which I have been strongly directed to wear when I take my walks.  NO NIGHT GOWNS IN PUBLIC.

And I’ve been also directed to both wash my hair every day and wear lipstick. (She is packing my bag with an eagle eye and safety pins, so I don’t mistakenly wear an ungodly combination. She is very vain like that.)

Well, I guess an 8-10 day hospital stay is like a cruise. AND I have great city views from the IV wing. When I was at Parnassus before, the views were breathtaking. I could see the bridge and the ships coming into the bay and the fog rolling in…it was so lovely, I almost forgot what the heck I was doing there with that billion dollar view.

Did I mention I have books? And knitting? One is an eggplant/aubergine lace afghan for the library (I was really looking for a rich brown with an espresso bean/walnut tree bark with a smidge of horse apple in it. Couldn’t find any. So I had to settle on some Debbie Bliss “Como”.

And then I have this cute, cute very cute child’s scarf whose ends look like monkey faces and the tops of their wee heads are open so said child won’t loose his mittens. Saw it on a child in the city and thought “I can make that!” It just a rectangle and a circle. I certainly have seen enough monkeys in my life to figure that out.


2 thoughts on “Ever the optimist

  1. Stay strong, Chloe and come back fighting. Good luck with hospital stay, I know you are suffering – I hope those folks at the hospital will come up with something that will help you. We want you back living and blogging about any gosh darn thing you feel like writing about. (the monkey scarf sounds cute!) Best always 🙂

  2. (((((Chloe))))))I haven’t been in the chatroom or here for many months. I thought of you today and just wanted to check in on you. Well, girl, you are still just as strong as ever, I see!! I always enjoy seeing you in the chat room and here on your blog. I have missed your personality! Please know that you are in my prayers, and, YES, I do think of you sometimes during the living of my life. God bless you. I will pray for a pain free life for you. Friends forever. Sincerely, one of your chatbuds, Life

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