So now I’m NOT laid off and some stuff I will never understand

I’m in the middle of the good list.
Not at the top and not at the bottom, (where people from other prisons can bump them right out of job.)

The face of correctional education is going to change; there is just no way for six teachers to rehabilitate 7,000 inmates. Right now, I have 120 students and at any one time, I have about 250 guys on the wait list. It is jsut a revolving door….a guy wants in class, I send him the work. He is either insulted over it because he is highly self educated and wants something else, tailored just for him.

I have one student who has faithfully been working away for a year. I think that in another year, he could pass the GED test. But most of them? It’s a revolving door. If I get no work for 30 days, i drop him and add a new student from the wait list. There is just no way to ever know if the new guy will ever even return the work or not. In the last year, I have had 150 guys (more or less) pass their GED. And it’s not me…it’s them. They just need some help in math or maybe with their essay.

There is a lot about life I don’t understand.

I’m watching COPS and honestly I do not understand what the heck would make a man pick up some strange stuff that could be perhaps a woman or a man or a man who looks better than most women some stranger and then propose oral sex. And then what the heck is the pick-ed up person thinking in her/his head that this is a good idea…hopping into a strange car with a guy with no front teeth.

There is a lot about life I don’t understand.
I work in a prison with some pretty violent felons and I don;t pretend to understand them….but this stuff on COPS? It leaves me speechless with my mouth shut.


2 thoughts on “So now I’m NOT laid off and some stuff I will never understand

  1. well, that turned out interesting for you. laid off/not laid off! government jobs – bless their hearts.

    and i’ll never understand why people do the things they do that get them arrested. 90% of what I type up is full of dumb people doing even dumber stuff. 5% are smart people making dumb mistakes and the rest are real honest to goodness psycho crimes.

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