And it just gets more complicated

I spent an entire day with my state retirement system, attempting to get an emergency precautionary retirement package pushed thru. I need to log on with a 19 symbol username and then use ANOTHER 19 number password. At the time, I was not at a desk where there is internet. I work in a prison. THERE IS NO INTERNET BEHIND THE ELECTRIC FENCE.

So I get home and try logging on. Nope. My38 symbols are wrong somehow.
I’m calling tomorrow and asking that SOMEONE just email what I need. I then can sign it, fax it, mail the hard copy and skip off to the hospital, knowing my family is taken care of.

This is why the state of California is going broke. EVERYONE needs some kind of psych help because every bit of the state is broken. Anything you try to do is time consuming, confusing and just impossible to accomplish.


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