Linda Paquette and Dean Koontz

I can;t read Stephen King…not since Pet Cemetery and Thinner. He totally creeps me out.
I only read Dean Koontz because I went to school with David Koontz  (no relation) and since he is the only man on the planet who has never lied to me (I went to kindergarten with him and he is the same now as he was then. Just a genuinely nice PERSON. If he did it, he did it. If he didn’t, he didn’t.) It’s my opinion that people are what they are by the time they are in kindergarten.

Anyway, I read the Odd Thomas books and found them so terrific. Then I read The Husband and THEN, I read The Good Guy.

So I’m reading this really great mystery and the female lead is named Linda Paquette.. Holy moly! I used to teach with Linda Paquette!! It wasn’t until I finished the book that I found that she had won a silent auction (or something like that–it was a charity thing) and that was her prize. I Googled her name and found that there are about a million Linda Paquette’s in the world, so likely, this gal isn’t the Linda Paquette I knew.

But even if she’s not, David Koontz is still the most honest man I know. His parents were great and did a wonderful job raising him–but I think they had a lot to work with.’


2 thoughts on “Linda Paquette and Dean Koontz

  1. I love the Odd Thomas books too. I haven’t read all his stuff but have read quite a bit. I do still read King…..reading his hard to find THE LONG WALK now. It’s good.

    I got the feeling that Koontz was a good guy just from some of the statements in a few of his novels. And any guy who loves dogs like he does can’t be bad.

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