Pan Pan Prisco, here I come

That’s what my kids called San Francisco when they were little. Some family-isms stick.

It will be quite a caravan…Ben and Darling will take me up and we’ll stay at our usual hotel. There are great restaurants nearby and Ben knows were the movie house is AND a non-Barnes and Noble bookstore, so we are golden. ( I covet love drool over really like the pillowslips at Cathedral Hills. They are about 9,0000 count Egyptian cotton.)

Then I go into Mount Zion to have get my picc line (please…lots of lidocaine and a Versed lollipop). once I am properly tubed up, I have the general million tests done—not floorshow stuff, that’s for sure.) The visiting hours are so restricted, I am really pushing for Darling to go home after Tuesday. He’s not good with puking or any of the other really unattractive aspects of hospital life.

Ben would then stay in my room in a sleep chair at night (he can sleep anywhere) and roam the city during the day, because he knows I don’t need company to sleep/throw-up/cry.

Then Lisi would come up on Wednesday and they would prowl the city and just drop in to visit. They are planning on hitting the King Tut exhibit, Wicked and pretty much every place in SF that strikes their fancy.

Then if I get out by the weekend, I’ll come home with my two favorite children. If I have to stay longer, Mike will come up during the weekend….we haven’t thought much past that.

I’m having a DHE IV treatment for at least 5 days. I might have to go back once or twice to do it again, but the results should find me headache free for the rest of my life. 70% of migraineurs never have another headache. 15% of them have less than 5 a YEAR.

Lisi packed my bag and made sure I have something to read. I have my afghan to work on. There is 900 channels on the TV (I hope they have the primetime on demand, so I can watch stuff that come on too late in my real life.)

So except for the liquids only, starting Friday and the picc line (I can’t tell you how many You Tube picc line insertions I’ve watched), I’m okay. I had a headache on Tuesday and another one today (my balance was shot today. Good thing we have walls in the house.)

So, that’s about it. I’m hoping Lisi gets to wander the city on public trans with Ben and they don’t have to actually drive all over. My hospital is only 8 blocks from the hotel, with Japantown in the middle.

So this is what it sounds like at chez Chloe. When I get too much on my mind, I find find anything and once I do happen to stumble on it….well, I don’t remember why I was looking for it.


2 thoughts on “Pan Pan Prisco, here I come

  1. You’ll be in our thoughts too. Thank goodness for supportive family – especially those wonderful children of yours.
    Stay safe.
    Loved the song 🙂

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