Picc line

I was so worried over this procedure. I watched every YouTube video about it. I didn’t so much care about exactly what the doctor was going to do–I was more concerned about how much it hurt, so I watched the patient’s face. Did they look like they were trying to be brave?

Mine was put in in a surgical suite. I was cold, so if I ever have another one put in, I’m wearing sockies and asking for more hot blankets. They used an ultrasound to locate a big vein on the underside of my upper arm, about three inches above my elbow and almost on the very most inconvenient, twist-your-arm-off spot they could find.

The actual procedure took about thirty minutes and not only did they numb me up a lot, they numbed me up during the procedure, too. A LOT. (Not that I wouldn’t have welcomed some all the happy gas in the city.) All in all, it wasn’t even as bad as a visit to the dentist. It was slightly more uncomfortable than getting your teeth cleaned. By a sadist. (I lie. It wasn’t even worth crying over, just cold. The doctor chatted to me and the nurse was very cheery and so accommodating. just make sure you let everyone know you ARE SCARED OUT OF YOUR MIND.)

The worst was a brief half-second of feeling like I was on a roller coaster and I had just gotten over the top–that cresting, weightless feeling.

I’ve had it in for four days and it’s a little tender, like a bad bruise. It has saved me from a million sticks, since any labs come right out of the port and all meds go right into the port. I’ll be glad to get it OUT.


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