The one where I pretend I’m retired

I slept until 8.

Went to the market and shopped for the end of the world, which obviously must be coming up this weekend.

Went to the flower shop and bought some lamb’s ears and grasses, along with some dried hydrangas and eucalyptus leaves to go in a square glass container on my side table. It’s very soft and gray green looking. I put all of my white buttons in the vase and it looks quite sweet.

Knitted. Fixed dinner. Fixed my bento box for lunch tomorrow (when I will pretend I have a job).

Worked on my vintage postcard image Halloween pillows. I found these postcards from, oh, 1911. They are now printed on some nice cotton and being trimmed out with ribbon to make them fit some throw pillows for the couch. JUST FOR HALLOWEEN. Then they zip off and wait in a box for next year. I have a set for Christmas and one for Easter and one for the 4th of July. Very sweet and so easy to put together.

I read a little, knitted a little, ironed a little and the got it in my head that all of my drawers needed to be dumped out on the table and cleaned. What I did manage to find out is that i need another set of tableware. Even though I don’t have a little boy using all of my spoons to dig in the sandbox anymore, my supply is a little lopsided.

Wrote out my Christmas list because if I don’t make sure people know what I want, I’ll never get it.

*Jo Malone Red Roses and Red Roses lotion. Little soaps, too,to go in sachets.
*Red Roses soy tarts and candles
*pretty fabrics to stuff with dried roses and stuffed with red roses tarts so I have them in the dresser and closets, too.
*Some of those pretty tart warmers from Rhondie
*Trip to Las Vegas to pick up even MORE furniture so I can have by ridiculously huge canopy bed that Mike is going to have to build because I so want it.
I want one of those wood floor cleaners and a super shark cleaners

*AND I want a squarish janitors wheeled cart. It has to fit into the cleaning closet and I want to keep it parked in there and make the canvas skirt filled with everything I’m going to need; brooms, feather dusters, clean rags, windex, orange oil,…all of that stuff on both sides. All of the trash that needs to be dubped with be tied up and duped in a cart. At the end of the day, there’s a trapdoor over the outside trashbin in the back yard where I can dunp those bags right out of the sky,

And I want two stackable washer and dryers for the hotel. We rarely need to wash a huge load anymore and if we do, I’ll just send the stuff downstairs to the cleaners to fluff and fold. I want an old wringer washer in there too–even if I just soak stuff there or wring heavy stuff out, I’d like to be able to do my own wash in a pince I need a couple of wooden clothes racks o go on the back veranda, too, Lots of stuff wears better when they are dried outside.

I have to finds some pretty fabric to cover the shelves in the linen closet, too. That’s where I’ll keep the bedding nice and fresh. Kitchen and table linens had another place in the dining room where they’ll be stored and make hanger covers to go over our thigs we rarely wear…Mike’s Jackets, his tuxes, my fur coast 5t sounds like a huge problem but all I have to do is draw around the shape, leave a buttonhole for the hangers hook do go thru and then there is a shoulder duster for all of my nice things, I wear so rarely.


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