Out! Out! damned Zimmermaniacs!

WordPress support helped,but didn’t see it as a huge problem. Just delete any post an author complains about. (They had only one complaint, so I guess legally this was the answer. So the corporate answer is, if this happens ever again, is to simply delete whatever post someone asks to have deleted.

However, I wanted it all out so I did a mass delete of every Z-post from 1970–they show up in batches of 50 and I was looking expressly for “uncatagorized.” That was good for about 1573 posts and their attached comments.

Then I re-sorted and searched for specific Z-word— BSJ, Baby Surprise Sweater, saddle-shoulder, Aran, mittens, tomten (which is one ugly knit, IMO), Zimmerman, Elizabeth, Meg, socks, stockings, leggings….. That was good for about 252 posts.
Then I went thru each post month by month and just looked at the titles I didn’t recognize.
Then I did a random post search.

I am pretty sure I have all of them trashed for life. Except for the random post I just didn’t catch, I think they are all gone.

The gal who runs Zimmermania told me that she would reinstate me (!) if I could make sure that the problem was fixed, if the wires have been uncrossed and there’s no longer any likelihood of this happening. Impossible request, since I don’t know when or how it happened. Since I’ve not even looked at the Z-blog for maybe two years, I am wondering if maybe the problem originated there and it just grabbed me randomly.

And while I am sure that the bulk of the maniacs are perfectly nice people, I am not so interested in joining a group who obviously believes in stoning first and apologizing never.

Well, I take that back. Sarah did apologize.


3 thoughts on “Out! Out! damned Zimmermaniacs!

  1. In my digging, I found that some of these posts had been on my blog for 143 weeks. So there goes my conspiracy theory/San Francisco hacker idea.

    143 weeks would be February 2007..I wasn’t even on wordpress then, that might have been around the time I visited the z-blog.

    well, I’m done trying to wrap my brain around this puzzle.

  2. What on earth happened? You love that Z pattern. How on earth could something go so badly wrong because you posted about it? I hate that you have been given such a difficult time – especially *at* such a bad time.
    Take care.

  3. I like some of the details in the Z stuff. Square armholes, mitered hems, Swedish sleeves…..Elizabeth had a lot of interesting solutions to design challanges–sort of like Julia Child with cooking. But she is not the be all and end all of designing.

    I like many of her techniques because they parallel techniques I use in my sewing. I don’t follow a pattern as much as I follow a schematic–if I can measure it, I can knit it.
    I use the same technique when I draft patterns for my sewing.

    Although whacking miles of fabric on the floor goes faster than knitting. And maybe that is why people are so passionate about their projects–they work on them forever.

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