The one about my pantry

I traded a regular sized w/d for a stackable set, so now I have two to go into the laundry/pantry…which is the size of 1/2 of a hotel room.  I’m sending out my washtub to be powdercoated…both the tub and the stand, which will go between the two stackables.

I bought two charging stations to go into the little cupboard where I plan to keep my handbad, keys and electronics. I am hoping that I will be done with the prison, so I can actually USE my mobile. I can;t take it in with me, so it really is a car phone and I rarely use it. I keep it plugged into the car charger and never put it into my handbag, so my use is pretty limited. I’m keeping all of my laundry products in that little cupboard because I won’t have a washer to set stuff on.

Mike build my pantry out of teardown stuff…it is beyond me at the stuff people will have just torn out and tossed away. We had one customer who tore out her perfectly fine but somewhat dated bathroom (in my bathroom now); re-did it, hated it, had THAT torn out and something else put it. We put that teardown in one of the rentals and it is probably the nicelest part of that rental.

He measured the two pieces and there is just enough room for a wicker laundry basket, where I keep all the orphan socks and mending. Between the kitchen and the pantry and the food storage between floors, I just can’t imagine running out of food. Ever.



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