The one about the whirling dervish

The bedroom is clean and the linens are washing in boiling water. Okay, not boiling, just really hot. I’ve got the curtains down, too…they are grungy in the way that white lace gets. The carpet didn’t need cleaning, so I skipped that step. Taking a break before I go out and deal with people.

I hate people. I wish I was rich enough to have someone take care of this stuff for me. Market. Shopping. Looking. Parking. Backing up. I hate it all. In fact, I hate it so much, I can;t even GO to Fresno, which is the next biggish town over because there are too many people on the road/in the stores/in my way. Fresno doesn;t exist for me from October 1 thru the end of January. I can drive in San Francisco better than Fresno because more of them are on the bus.

I stumbled across this and quite like it.. I’ve been looking for something to make in a gray-green yarn -which I don’t own and am hoping to find at STITCHES-did -I -mention- I -was- going-WEST. I’d like to get the pattern there, too. Or not. Depends on if it is out. WHich then makes my search for a gray-green yarn sort of besides the point. I will attempt to control myself and just find a vendor and write it down in my wee black book.

Don;t laugh. I am on both a yarn and book diet and I can SO do that. It’s not like the world is going to run out of yarn.

Needles, maybe. Yarn? I think not.

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