The one about my sewing room

When we reconfigured the rooms in the hotel, we turned four of the rooms into a master suite. I know it is huge, but after working on it for 13 years, it looks sort of normal sized to me now.

Two rooms were turned into my bedroom; one room is my bathroom and then one room turned into a closet (about 2/3 of the original room), leaving 1/3 for a “small” craft/sewing room. That’s what we’re working on tomorrow.

I have my mother’s old desk that I need to strip and stain. Then I’m putting in four 2-drawer files and topping the whole thing with an ivory painted panel door with a glass top on top of that. I can put stuff in the panels of the door, so it will be sort of like a scrapbook/bulletin board kind of thing.

I’ll put a skirt over the files and move in some narrow bookcases for my sewing books and one of my old dining room chairs and Bob’s your uncle. I’m looking for some fabric that is dark, with magnolias or gardenias on it for the bedroom and will use a companion fabric for this room.

I have this huge-ish button collection and am housing it in latte glasses, which will sit on narrow shelves on the short wall. The shelves will be a tight fit, so I won’t have a dust issue. Actually, this house won’t have the dust issues I have where I am living now, because we put in dual-pane windows. They muffle the sound from the street, too–although there isn’t a lot of noise. This is a pretty quiet little downtown.


3 thoughts on “The one about my sewing room

  1. I love it that you used the phrase ‘Bob’s your uncle’ – I use it sometimes and people always ask me the origin/meaning! Isn’t it a New England-Canadian thing? I’m in Texas, and it seems folks around here aren’t familiar with it.

  2. You have a “hughish” button collection, you say. You lie. You have a GINORMOUS collection of absolutely gorgeous buttons. As in, pant, pant, covet covet, button collection.

    And you got me started, you evil creature. I never used to give buttons a thought and now, I want to make nothing but cardis with FABULOUS buttons.

    Like I didn’t have enough demons!

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