The one about the master suite

The paint in the master bedroom is done, at long last. It is sort of a cranberry fluff color called Bed of Roses

We painted the walls a lot darker and then ragrolled the Bed of Roses with Vanilla, so it looks very pretty and soft. The ceiling stayed the dark rose and was trimmed out with running plaster molding and then picture-framed with a pretty molding. It throws a lot of rose into the room.

The bathroom, closet and sewing room were also ragrolled but they all look a little different because of the amount of light in each room. In the beginning of this project, I just agonized over trying to chose different colors for each room…now, after 13 years, I’m letting the light do all the work for me. Much easier to fix any dings, too.

I’m still looking for some weirdly dark tropical floral for my base fabric. Waverly usually has something; I just need to hunt it down.


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