Las Vegas and my new headboard

My bedroom is ginormous. It is the size of two hotel rooms—and since I just got back from Las Vegas and I measured the room we stayed in, I know what I’m talking about! It is embarrassingly huge.

We went to Las Vegas this weekend for a headboard that is huge and carved and enormous and just gorgeous. My friend, Susie, found it for me (and she is right–I do so need the foot board, so the hunt is on for that).

Mike will build the box platform so I can
a)have drawers that slide out
b)have a high bed because that is what I like. I used to put my bed up on risers so the kids would stay off it (which never worked, because they would just throw themselves at the bed and clamber up like little monkeys).

We have to get a king sized mattress because the headboard is so huge (eight feet high).

I’m going to cheat with my night stands and use the banker boxes I use to store my Christmas decorations as the base, with an oversized plywood round as the top. (Saw off the back of the round so it will fit against the wall. I usually use a matelasse coverlet as the bottom layer for the table skirt. The night table is so big that I can’t find a round cloth the right size, so this works for me. Then I can either put on a large pattern square or a second table round AND a square in companion fabrics. It more than makes up for the humble beginnings of bankers boxes and plywood.

I’m also on the hunt for some BIG lamp bases. BIG. Plain shades. Probably black and plain. PLAIN.

Next weekend, I’m on the hunt for my bedroom fabrics. I’m thinking of somethig with a black background and big gardenias or peonys or magnolia blossoms. I need the big floral for the bedspread and pillow shams and the curtains; a companion fabric for the dust ruffle, the curtain lining, the fabric square for the night stands; another companion for throw pillows and two wing chairs. I need miles of fabric.

The bed goes between two windows so I’m going to treat both windows and the wall behind the headboard as one thing. I’ll just put up on cornice over the whole thing.
I think.


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