It’s not that I hate teaching; I hate teachers

Not all of them.
Just some of the ones I work (cough cough) with.

Scenario 1
People who pretend to just be talking when in fact, they are stabbing you in the back. (Hi, Blondie? I found this knife in my back. Are you going to be needing it later?”)
Blondie is one of those nasty nice people who will pretend she doesn’t see you in public.

Scenario 2:
Menterosa Barbie.
This one pretends to be so concerned about everyone. “Is everything all right? Are we going to be okay? It’s okay, isn’t it? Are you okay? It’s going to be okay, right?”

I know she is a serpiente de mentira because I have seen her jump down Marian the Librarian’s throat–like out of the blue jump down. The kind of jump down that just leaves you with your mouth open because it was so random. Marian the Librarian and I just looked at each other with a WTF on our faces.

SO when I find out that this mentirosa has told one of my colleagues that “Chloe doesn’t always tell the truth. I wouldn’t believe xyz unless I actually saw it on an official list.”
WT total F is that about?
All I know is when Juez Barbie la Mentirosa asks ME if I’m okay, I’m going to tell her No. I’m. Not.


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