The one about ugly facing me, day in and day out

It looks like this round of layoffs (the second set) is just going to miss me by two people and about 15 seniority points. And because I have some credit on my juice card, it is only right that I do my best to keep as many people from being thrown under the CDC bus.

I have written letters to anyone and everyone I could think of, asking that the layoffs occur closer to hiring fair times, so the affected teachers can at least go look for a job while still employed.

I’ve sent letter after letter after letter to legislators….these teachers need to be able to look for work all over the state with a minimum of chain jerking. Let them take furlough days to look for work. Encourage teachers who are ready to retire to do so–give them a flexible golden handshake so they will LEAVE and open up the jobs in the middle.

I’ve talked to anybody who would listen and some who didn’t have time to listen.

I’ve bombarded them with emails.(I’m not alone with this campaign. There are others who have done and are doing the same thing).

I’ve jumped in my car and gone to talk to people I’ve known my whole life who are now in a position to hire these teachers.

All this for people who could care less about me and only because in my life, I’ve had to rely on the juice cards of others. But as God is my witness, I never ugly faced everyone in general from “Hello” to “Goodnight”.

Because all that anger just make you scrunch up your forehead and purse your lips like you are sucking lemons. In the snow.

Not a good look in the long run.


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