Eeeek! No more needles!!

This DHE thing was supposed to cure my headaches forever.

And I have gotten a break–four headaches in a month, which is way down from my usual 20/month. Only two of them needed Demerol, so two of them didn’t even count.

So we’re (as in my medical team) are going to try the DHE in the office when I come in with a hammering head.  I’m hoping they will dump some Demerol into the mix (fat chance) because my head really hurts.

I tore up my rotator cuff and shredded my shoulder all up. My head hurts worse than that.

So I’m in Fresno getting a migraine tune-up and although everything tastes tin-y (as in alumimum foil tin), it’s not so bad.

I go in tomorrow and then we’re going out looking for lights for the kitchen.

On the one hand, working on the house with cash is good, since every bit of it is paid for from the get-go. On the other hand, waiting to gather up the cash takes a while, since my personal ATM is a little slow right now.

Right now, we’re getting lights for the kitchen and fabric for the couch. THAT’S a pretty penny!! But I love my couch and it is the perfect size and  shape AND having it redone is actually the same as buying new but craptastic stuff.

I did go out and buy 18 packages of plain white bias tape. There in nowhere in town what carries bias tape. The quite store has no need of it. We have no fabric strore. WalMart? Nope. They are straight crafts. Target? Nope–and not just becuase I’m on stricke against them. I did go in and checked and if they had of had some, I would have sent in one of my kids.

I am still mad about their so-called “random” searches. How random can they be if they pick me every time? AND when I ask in that curious little bird voice, “So how do you determine randomness? Is it every 17 shoppers? ANyone without a baby? Women in spike heels and black lipstick?”  The replay I get is usually “Security! SECURITY!!” and it is totally silly, I’m just asking a mathematical question. How does this Target cop with a GED decide what his set is so he can determine randomness. Just askin’.


My daughter just said she did not like Bon Jovi. She Probably doesn’t like Van Halen either.


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