My son is missing (he is home)

I talk to him every day and I haven;t heard from him since Monday. He has a phone, so I’ve just been leaving messages.

He isn’t at home (he lives alone). I’ve called the hospitals and filed reports with the PD, SD and CHP.


At least not since he was a teenager and mentally ill and bent on killing himself.

He seemed so fine this weekend last.

He was feeling a little crazy (hanging from the rafters crazy) and went to a safe house. He didn’t realize so many days had passed and when he realized what day it was, he call Mike to come get him (the buses aren’t running today).

I’m glad he has a safe place to go and that it’s not all on me. I just hope this doesn’t happen again.

I’m going to get him one of those ID bracelets that says CALL MY MOM.


I was sick, I was so scared.




5 thoughts on “My son is missing (he is home)

  1. I am praying that all is well.

    Please let this young man come home to his family today.

    I also pray for your peace.

    Oh Chloe, I’m so thinking of you and your family.

  2. thinking of you Sweet Friend, I hope all is well with your son. I’m glad he took care of himself even if it mean a few days out of touch. I think a medical id tag is a great idea, if he’ll wear it.

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