I am so in love with my utility room

Love, love, love it.

If you aren’t interested in the minutia of my love affair with my cleaning stuff, stop now.

This little room was originally just a little hallway with a doorway leading to the back stairs to the outhouse in the back parking lot. The door is now a window and the hot water heater is in there, just steps away from my giant 97-jet wonder tub. This is only of import if you grew up in an old farmhouse with the hot water heater in the basement in the farthest corner away from the bathroom. We had to wait FOREVER to get hot water upstairs.

So there is room for three hampers- just the inexpensive cheapie ones.

One is  for clean rags (I like rags better than paper towels),  one is for all the attachments for my steam mop (I love this Shark Steam mop! It is just the best. A quick sweep and then the water is boiling in the steam mop).

We’re putting up those broom handle holder things you put up for rakes and stuff.  Then I have a couple of sets of shelves made for my cheapie little white bins from Target. I have my general cleaning stuff in there (I have the same setup here but the shelves weren’t made to measure).

I have one bin for my Shark Steamer attachments  (and I LOVE these! They are just the best and so much fun to see all of the gunk loosen up and just wipe up.

I keep all the window stuff in one bin, all the tile cleaning stuff in another bin, all the wood cleaning wax in another bin and all the wood floor dust mop stuff in another. I printed out labels, so it just looks neat and organized.

Another thing that is dandy in this house is that there is room for cleaning stuff everywhere. It makes it easier to actually clean if the stuff you need is in the room My china cabinet (yard sale)  is actually a cherry entertainment center that we are going to monkey with and turn into quite a fancified china cabinet. The middle part, where the TV (even greater because it was a yard sale find) will be where I keep my ginormous center pieces.  I don’t like centerpieces ON the table, since it gets in the way of talking, which is the sole reason people SIT at a dinner table. The food, at least in my house, is totally secondary.

There is room to park the vacuum and hoses.

It’s not painted yet, so I’m thinking of Grecian Green, which is sort of a bay leaf color.

And it’s not that I’m a cleaning nut. It’s that I’m moving into a celan house that doesn;t have a white carpet. That in itself is enough to make me turn cartwheels.


One thought on “I am so in love with my utility room

  1. I must have these sharks…I can only have one right now…cash flow difficulties from being unemployed for a f-ing eternity.

    Which one? Tell me, which one should I get?

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