Audit at work today

We do some kind of audit every year or so. It is a HUGE deal.

Which, of course, it SHOULD be. We spend gazillions of dollars and somebody needs to check and see if we are doing what we are supposed to do…just like in real life.

It starts with a self audit: we fill out a four or five page set of questions: Do you have job descriptions? Do I have a duty staement? Do I have x or y or z. Yes is good/No means that somebody needs to fix something to be in compliance. Sometimes its me who needs to fix missing stuff; sometimes it’s my supervisor or HIS supervisor.

Then we do a peer audit: another teacher looks at our records to see if we have what we’re supposed to have.

Then the audit team comes in and they are usually people we don;t know, so that they are unbiased. (They do the same thing when they do a deep search–a stranger goes thru your handbag to see if you are smuggling stuff in. Honestly, there are dozens of ways to smuggle stuff in and never touch it. Then there are a half dozen ways to smuggle stuff in that doesn;t involve ones handbag. Just sayin’.

The gal could not have been nicer.

We did a self audit maybe a month ago and I was just fine.

However, that audit didn’t cover what was being looked at today. (It was the OLD form. Tipico.)

I spend most of my time trying to keep my class full. I need 120 students and usually drop 85 guys every month because they either transfer, won’t work or rarely, parole. So what I have is an open entry/open exit. I don’t send out progress reports because nobody MAKES any progress.

Well. I’m supposed to be teaching 90 day blocks. At the end of 90 days, if I have 5 students that is just FINE. I decide what it is we are going to work on for those 90 days and that’s what we do. Guy doesn’t work? He is withdrawn and his spot is left empty. (Geeze, don;t you wish that was the way it worked in the real world?)

The thing I’m doing really right is writing my own units and using writing prompts from teachersnet.

I hand score and comment on every piece of writing. Most of my students send me an essay every day; I read, evaluate, comment and score them.

Then I send them a tip sheet, targeting one thing they are having a problem with. Got a gold star for that.

And I use the pathetic mess the state calls a curriculum.

And I keep meticulous notes on each student.

And I had some really good coffee.

I really like this program and I think I could really make a difference, now that I know what it is actually supposed to be. But with the cutbacks, we aren’t supposed to have any out of classroom teachers, so I will probably be moved who knows where.


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