Just because he’s my boss doesn’t make him right

I hurt myself at work last week–I tweaked my shoulder and it hurt just like a torn rotator cuff. I told my boss and he told me “BULLSHIT! I ain’t gonna fill out the paperwork. How d’ya like THAT?”

Well, I didn’t much but I wimped out and let him bully me because I just didn’t feel like fighting. Why does everything have to BE a fight, anyway?

Several months ago, he and one of my (cough) colleagues had a highly offensive sexual prowess conversation IN MY OFFICE. I asked them–no, I told them–“Hey! Stop talking like that! I don’t want to hear that kind of talk! Hey! I’m sitting right here!!”
The boychild teacher did not stop NOR DID MY SUPERVISOR. I later went into his office and complained–I told him I did not want to file a sexual harrassement suit but for goodness sakes! I work for you and you talk like that? It sickens me.

He apologized and it was the kind of non-apology “I’m sorry if I offended you. If I offended you, I was way out of line.” “IF you offended me? Do you think I’m in here because there’s a question that you did offend me:? That what the two of you did was offensive AND unprofessional? And I asked you to stop and that gets me “If I offended you?” I AM OFFENDED. I AM SICKENED that you can talk like that in front of me and then think you can turn aroudn and give me orders to do this, that and the other. ”

I should have filed because there is no reason for an supervisor to join in that kind of talk, much less tacitly approve it. And if he is making that kind of judgment errors, what other bonehead moves is he going to make?

SO yesterday, one of the guys moved into office I share with one of the other Outreach teachers. Plenty of room.
My supervisor came in and told us to clean this mess up–and he was right, it was a mess. I haven’t felt much like going through my files and shredding and tidying up.

So today, I got a cart and brought over most of my literacy books. I had more than I had bookshelves, so I emptied out several of my lateral files to keep them in until they get mailed out.
Then I had a huge pile of files to go through; teachers are just like magpies-we collect and save all kinds of stuff. Even if it’s on the computer. ESPECIALLY if it’s on the computer.

So I had several piles of just plain junk; a pile of stuff to shred and a pile of stuff to file. I take out the trash and do my shredding (the shredder is over full and no one seems to know where the bogs are. We usually have clerks who take care of this–which is why it’s not a good idea to depend overly much on one’s inmate clerks. Just sayin’.)

So I’m filing in the top drawer of a 4-drawer lateral file and I really torque my shoulder. I heard the little muscle fibers go pop-pop-pop and man, oh, man! It really hurt.

So I decided that this time I should file a worker’s comp injury and go in to have it checked. I track down my supervisor and tell him I’ve yanked my shoulder again. He wants to know exactly how and where. I go into my office and show him. “Well, I don’t know if that’s what happened.” Well, it was.

Then he decided he wasn’t going to fill out the paperwork, so I had to find someone else to do it. So three hours after I hurt myself, I was in the RTW office being sent to a clinic where, surprise, they find that I’ve torn up my shoulder.

I’m not taking time off, since it won’t help. I just have to wait until I can get an appointment with the shoulder guy in Fresno to get it fixed.

And yes, I know what he did was illegal. So do the gals in the RTW I suppose they will be the ones to file on him.


2 thoughts on “Just because he’s my boss doesn’t make him right

  1. Chloe, he sounds a complete plonker. There are stronger words, but I thinking them rather than saying them. Why aren’t you filing? The girls can file AND you can file. A two-pronged attack would work well on the idiot.
    I am sorry about your shoulder though. Is it as bad as before? Is it the same shoulder?
    Feel better soon.

  2. Oh man Chloe…I am so sorry about your shoulder. Those repetative injuries play havoc on the bod…and that supervisor is a f-wad.

    I hope those girls wrap him up like a present and turn his sorry ass in.

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