My dogs think they are horses

I have a huge yard and they tear aound that regularly. They dig holes big enough to hide a buffalo in. It is like a minefield out there; you could break your neck if you venture off the walks.

In the house, they race around and around and around like racehorses. Jacket will start it (he’s the cocker/terrier/poodle with the bad hip). First he is yanking on Tank’s tail, ears, mouth, neck, feet,legs. (Tank is the Rottweiler/chihuahua). Then Tank lays down and tussles with him. There is much ear pulling and play fighting. Then they start running around and around, from the family room to the foyer to the living room to the family room to the kitchen out the back door aound the pool (all at break neck speeds) back into the kitchen with muddy feet, into the family room/foyer/living room/familiy room look four or five times. Then it’s onto the couch for some serious grappling. Then Tank finds a toy and plays keep away with Jack for a while, loses interest and just drops the toy on the floor. Jacket is thrilled beyond belief and plays with it by himself.

I have a theory about sogs and intelligence. Rocket is not smart. She knows her name. She knows to go home when I holler at her. She knows what “Cookies!” means. She knows what “Come here” means. That’s it. She doesn’t follow commands (sit, stay,come, wait). It took forever for her to learn her name (a real clue you have a stupid dog). She will engage Tank in play–she usually will launch herself off the arm of a chair and tackle him. But overall, she is the Brittany Spears of dogs.

Tank is MUCH smarter. He learned his name instantly. He was housetrained easily. He can follow commands.
I can control him with hand signals. He almost gets the idea of the fetch game–he wants me to toss his toy, but doesn’t understand that I don’t want to chase him down to retrieve it so I can throw it again.

Jacket is smart. He follows hand signals and knows how to play fetch. If there is no one to play with, he will throw his toys his own self and run after them. He can entertain himself for hours with a stick. He can engage the other dogs in play.

I have the shades up so Tank and Jacket can sit on the couch and look out the windows. The entire street is IMAX entertainment for them.


3 thoughts on “My dogs think they are horses

  1. How funny they think they are watching a movie when looking out the window. Must be interesting. I thought you had a fence around your yard. . . you mean they can see past the fence? Or is it just their reflections?

    We got snow today for the first time this winter. I am soooo happy! I played in it for about 7 hours. I also shoveled the sidewalks around the building here. Have I told you how much I love snow? lol Ü

  2. They sound great. Our dogs all have different characters and levels of intelligence too. Fortunately, they can all follow commands, but it took a LOT longer to train Sally then Pipette or Lucy. Pipette is the collie, so beautiful and clever and affectionate and just a fine, fine dog. Sally is completely mad – genuinely slightly insane. We think she might have been brain-damaged at birth. Now she loses balance for no apparent reason and falls into puddles and looks so disgustedly at the water as if it tripped her up! Lucy is a runner – she looks wonderful leaping along the skyline when we go for walks, but she always comes back. She knows on which side her bread is buttered 🙂

  3. I have a smart dog and either a not-so-smart dog or a rebellious and “play dumb” dog. Can’t decide which it is! If he weren’t so small (Pomipoo) he would be declared a “bad dog!” The other one is Zeke a miniature Schnauzer who is getting old but still pretty good. Teddy, on the other hand barks just to hear himself bark. Even the birds are bigger than he is and just look at him like he is crazy!

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