It is a bright, breezy day here at the beach. The phone wires are loaded with songbirds and my birdfeeders are crowded as well. The three hummingbird feeders are busy, too. I think I’ll go out to Miners for another feeder and more seed (Miners is sort of a hardware store–they have everything.)

I brought the new year in by watching Bridezillas–for the only reason of watching just how badly mnannered people behave. I’m guilty of being badly mannered sometimes, but as long as m y mark fall far short of these gals, I’m safe.

I followed that up with My Fair Wedding, where a wedding planer takes over a bride’s wedding three weeks before the wedding day. he changes EVERYTHING, food, colors, dress, shoes….every. thing. And unlike the Bridezillas, these brides are so grateful for the change and how beautifully everything turns out. (A happy ending? Network death. Bridezillas will be on forever.)

I’ve started the Christmas stockings for next year. There is a lot of needlework and beads and embroidery and every layer is entertaining to complete. This is the kind of needlework I really enjoy. It just clips along at a nice pace AND I can see the progress.


5 thoughts on “2010

  1. Happy 2010! Looks like you got a head start on next year’s Christmas planning.

    We got some snow l(3 inches) ast week and I spent 7 hours playing in it and then shoveled the sidewalks around apt. building. Next day, a hike was in store while we still had the three inches of snow. One more day of snow, it was gone from the streets but still on lawns and roofs. Today, it is all gone. sigh

    This is my new blog.

  2. That’s funny – I watched a marathon of horrible people to ring in the new year, too! I watched the real housewives of orange county while I was knitting, and was agog at the sheer bitchiness of these women who call themselves “friends”. (I think the show has been on forever, but it was my first time to watch it.) Anyway, Happy New Year!!!

  3. Oh, sheryl! I love the Orange County gals! Snarky to the max! How could you even THINK you’d want them for a friend?
    Agog is the absolute work for them.

  4. And those stockings are purtyful.

    I watch crime shows (Law & Order, Criminal Minds, NCIS) so I won’t throw things at the TV.

    I work with teenagers. I get enough of people behaving badly in real life. I want nice, orderly, all loose ends tied up stories when I can control it.

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