Mitts! I want me some Mitts! Some o dem BUFFFALO ones

My “good” mitts, knitted by friend Marji, are just the very best for keeping my skinny white girl hands warm. I am so crazed about them, I need to make some of mine own out of something from STITCHES. T

Rule 2: I have a serious desire for that buffalo fluff for them. ( I had a rule 1, but have forgotten it, momentarily.)

This week is what we look at as our spring. The fields are green and spring bulbs are popping up and the fruit blossoms are  beginning to bulge out their tight wraps.

Since most of the tress blossom at the same time, we  have a tri-county Blossom trail. It is doing a thing, not a buying them.

The time is spent looking and marveling the at the many differing colors of apricot, plums and pluots. Great swaths of clear,bright pinks, ivories and cherried blooms mark the small orchards of  mandarins,  satsumas, white peaches, ambrosias, Santa Rosas, Old Chinese.  Many of the  varieties are limited to small home orchards ; they aren’t tough enough to survive kind of treatment modern fruits need in shipping. So they are either picked by hand, sold in small batches at Farmer’s markets or just available at the neighbor’s.


Monst Americans will never get a chance to have a bowl of chilled Old Chinese peaches, or sit down to a plates of ripe and ruby persimmons, sliced open like a Japanese haiku ,the tender orange shimmering in the weak winter light.

Oh, my Number 1! I want a new piece of luggage to take to Stitches. I may in my lifetime fly someplace, but I’d like something that is nice and not so Barnacle Bill,the Sailor Man.


3 thoughts on “Mitts! I want me some Mitts! Some o dem BUFFFALO ones

  1. Not sure if you have been to my new blog. . .

    Not sure I understand what your psot today is about either. . . maybe I am just dense today. Blame it on the constant rain.

  2. Spring, my favourite season. Your area is certainly rich in produce isn’t it? I had to look up persimmons!
    Good luck with the mitts. I love mine too, much better than gloves.

  3. Thanks a lot Chloe…now I have “Buffalo Mitts won’t you come out tonight, come out tonight…” playing over and over and over in my head…

    I miss the produce from the West…we get what’s leftover at best here…

    Growing up in California spoilt me forever for tasty fruits and veggies…now get that damned song out of my head…

    Malinda (EMA/Mo)

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