I have a real linen closet that would make Martha Stewart weep

We turned one of the hotel rooms into my closet and office, so we had an extra doorway. It is close to the laundry room, so we framed it out for a linen closet.

It’s only as wide as the doorway but it has movable shelves, which will be padded and then covered with some pale vintage looking rose fabric. I have miles of antique and vintage lace (yard sales) I’ll trim out the fronts of the shelves. I have all the stuff ready in a giant ziplock but have to wait until the construction is over. (Too much sawdust.)

This closet will mainly be for bed linens, because I have room in the bathrooms for towels and room in my china cupboard for my table linens.

This is just going to be a sweet, tidy little closet with rose sachets.

Can’t you just see it?

The very best place to buy bed linens is thrift shops. No way am I going to pay real prices! Depending on where you go, you can get really nice quality ones. Even if you only get Thed Target brand, if they’ve been used, the sizing is gone and they are soft, soft, soft. And if you wash them in super hot water, the cooties are all dead.

And if you fold them up tidily and slip them into the pillowslips, you have a tidy little pile you can tie with a ribbon. I plan to have all the beds actually made up but gosh, nothing says welcome to a guest than fresh linens, doncha think?


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