My dining room

My dining room is almost square and is something like 28 x 28. It used to be part of the manager’s apartment and has a small foyer where check-in was done. It has some classical detail in the entry–a picture framed trapezoid base with two columns on either side of the walk-through, a rectangular open header, with three layers of dentil work. Very fancy but not super ornate. This detail is replicated the other side of the room, which is the opening to the library. There is also an opening leading into the kitchen.

After all of the underpinnings stuff was taken care of, we added two pinks by adding vanilla to the crime scene red in the library. The dark pink, we called “Floozy Susie” and the light color rose “No Pantie’s Tuesday”. They are the PERFECT rose colors to sit up against the red walls in the library.

Sometimes, I just LOVE the pinks. Sometimes I hate them more than I can say. Once I get furniture inside, the ick factor will change. It’s just a lighting thing.

So Mike painted the ceiling the dark pink and then picture framed the whole ceiling with a wide white super detailed molding. We found a huge antique crystal chandelier to hang over the table–which we aren’t sure about yet. I’m still looking for a BIG dining room table; I have three in storage (yard sailing) and I just need to measure them and decide which one will look nicest in that GREAT BIG room.

My mother’s mahogany table will sit in one corner with a lace tablecloth and my silver tea set. I have a pretty silver cake tier–the kind that has three plates and a handle, so I can use it for real or just load the plates up with pretend tarts, cookies and what all. (Pretty!)

There is only one window in the room–Victorian’s evidently liked non-symmetrical window placement. Not asymmetrical, which would make siense. Non-symmetrical. So I haven’t been able to find a china cabinet that is both wide and tall enough to just cover that window UP. There is only a view of a brick wall, so it’s not like I can even see the blue sky.

What to do?
Mike is building a platform to go underneath my yard sale entertainment center. The whole thing will then cover up that whack window and be centered on that wall. The pedestals will have drawers so I can store my table linens. Love vintage and antique linens).

The drawers that are already in the center will be where I keep my silverware and serving pieces. I have four missing doors on the glassware shelves, so Mike can replicate them and put in hide glass to keep dust off my glassware (nothing fancy, just vintage and family pieces).

Where the TV goes there is, of course, a huge opening. I want Mike to put in two shelves; one for a flower arrangement and one for a display for my color coordinated dish and crystal display. I just love setting a pretty table!

The floor is heavily polyurathaned pine from an old school we tore down. Mike is very talented with wood and instead of making just straight boards, used the pieces to make quilt patterns on the floor. THe one in the dining room is “Courthouse Steps”. It is just gorgeous.

The only real true purchased things are the chairs for the table. I think I’m going to either go with pressed oak, because I already have three pressed oaks and chairs are EXPENSIVE. I hates the ones I have now.

HATES them.


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