I brush my dogs teeth..I don’t like it and neither do they

But Maddy had terrible teeth and I was always having to pull a bad tooth out and then mess with the irrigation…yuck.
So Jackie and Tank get weekly plaque and dental care. They hate it. I also go over their coats with one of those rubber dog combing gloves and manage to get two or three NEW dog sized clumps of shedding coats every single evening. They don’t mind that and gleefully lope on over when they see the gloves on my hand.

Rocket, at 2.6 pounds hates it all.
Keep your disgusting cootie covered finger OUT of my mouth and keep your brush out of my hair. Don;t be looking in my ears. Don;t be looking for foxtails in my feet. My little self is my own property, thank you very much and stick that thermometer up your OWN ass if you like it so much.
It is such a battle and she gives me such a disgusted wonk eye that I’m not as diligent as I am with the other dogs.
So the other day, I was feeling particularly motherly (I’m taking care of you whether you like it or not). The plaque was particularly stomach turning. How dentists can stand to stick their hands in strange people’s mouths is BEYOND me. I love Rocket and it totally grossed me out.

So, like with many of the hygiene chores we preform on both our children and our pets, I am dry heaving and flossing her little teeth and using the water pic that I use ONLY ON THE DOGS and I notice that one of her teeth is loose. I wiggle several of them and she has not only loose teeth, but her gums are cruddily inflamed, like icky dog gum infection inflamed. So I water pic her mouth out with Listerine and call my vet with the sad news that Rocket probably needs dentures.

Ha ha.

So yesterday I take her into the vet who is just wonderful. He is quiet and kind and gentle and so good with my dogs. She sits and gazes at him with complete trust and devotion she usually saves for me. She wasn;t crazy about the temperature part and gave him a decidedly unfriendly wonk eye. He was going to run her blood work (because she is 10) and then simply put her under in a twilight sleep–not totally alseep. However, her bloodwork came out all wonky,so he was sending it to a different lab and she’ll have her teeth taken care on Friday.

So today she went to the groomer and got fluffed up because even if you are just a little dog, you deserve to at least LOOK nice as you lie unconscious on a table, drooling with somebody working on your little rotting teeth.

She may be just a little dog, but she’s my little dog.
If I don’t take care of her, who will?


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