I love to knit. I really do.

Except the real reason I knit is so that when we go on our frequent road trips, knitting keeps my hands busy AND keeps be in the loop with the other people in the car.

What I like to make are aphgans and baby sweaters and a couple of sweaters i can knit in the dak with a sack on my head.

What I really like to do is beaded felt Chrsitmas stockings. nice and pikety and it looks great when you’re done.

I love doing counted cross stitch because my head is buried in the chart and I’m oblivious to what is going on around me.

So I’m try to, after Stitches, try to spend more time on the project i enjoy the most as opposed to the project I’ve spent the most money on. I want to enjoy what I’m doing in my considerable leisure time. (I think 3/4 of the cleaning, upkeep, ironing, laundry, taking various and sundry people to medical appointments  and 1/4 day doing what I want to do, be it knitting or beading or watching Bridezillas.

I don’t take naps. I get up early. I manage to get a LOT of stuff done and it makes me pretty happy most of the time. I keep my vehicle clean and serviced. I have friends and make plans to do fun-to-us things (touring model homes, eating out, shopping for whatever catches out eyes). For me to have suddenly lost my job, it’s not a horrible life.

I’m just not Steph with the knitting, I’m not even Rachel or Inky. I’m just me.

I’m so looking forward to Stitches because I’d like to learn how to accomplish some of the more mundane parts of everyday knitting in an easy and more functional manner. I’m not a fancy knitter. (My Da wuld say of piss poor employees “He’s not a fancy shoveler but he;s a shoveler.”

That’s me. I’m not fancy knitter , but I can manage to do it.

Tomorrow, I clean the kitchen, part one. Everything that doesn’t belong there gets transported to where it DOES belong


One thought on “I love to knit. I really do.

  1. I finally have some time for counted cross stitch again too. I recently designed two bookmarks for friends. I have some snowmen kits to do and want to do a Patriotic one I have in a book for my bedroom which I have decided to go with this new theme. I am also making a patriotic quilt for my bed.

    I would love to see more of your knitting things you make. I have a photo fo the big bookmark I made for pen pal in France but the one I made for friend locally, I don’t have a photo of yet because my camera is being repaired in California. I will ask Jeanie one day to let me take a photo fo it when I get the camera back.

    In the meantime, I am using photos I took during my birthday week in Port Orchard.

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