Small job today; just tidy up the family room

There’s not much in it (that’s not dust covered). All I have to do is fling all the handbags and shoes upstairs and turn thr furniture upside down and vacuum it. Ineed to find the Pledge, too and give theWOOD a hit or miss feeding.

I bought a BED from EBAY last night. Same one would have been easily 19 times as much locally. I bought a frame with drawers, too, even thoughMike is  building  a surround so it will be taller. I have Suzie’s olf king headboard and the bed needs to be kind of huge ooking to fint in the room, which is sort of huge lookings, itself.

I have two side chairs to put by the stove and for the first time in my llife, I’m thinking abot having a television in my bedroom. (Only, she says, becasue it is so cold in the whold houre during the winter. Only becuase it is so hot in the summer.) I ber it is nerither and I only use it when one or the ohter us us us stick.

So off to bag up the shoes, which have escaped from upstairs!


I just woke up trying to cram a shoe on my foot because we were leaving for Utharightnowthis quick. Evidently they had a cure for the Povertyflu and we needed a cure. Now that I’m awake, I’m pretty sure I was dreaming. I’m not sure they have a cure but they sure know how to make things entertaining!

I am abut ready to dust—once I get the sparrow’s nest cleaned up around my chaira nd the boar’s nest clean up around Mike’s chair.  I would bet that once i get this place dusted, I will have made us an enite new state.


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