I’m not really retired, it just feels like it

Ben helped me clean the living room–walls, windows, basboards–every inch of it. I oiled the wood then oiled it again and let it sink in over night and just finished oiling it AGAIN. Looks really nice.

Started cleaning the family room–I just have the little swallows nest next to Mike’s chair to decontaminate. Tonight I’m working on the incredibly beaded Christmas stockings and tomorrow, I start the kitchen and laundry room.  I have the closet under the stairs all cleaned out,  re-organized and repacked, along with a ton of rat poison. I know there are mice in there.  Haven’t seen them but I know for sure they are breathing my air!

I even made a little list for all of my projects and slapped them up on the fridge. If I don’t write it down, I’ll never think to do it. I only like cleaning when I’m off work–otherwise it feels like punishment. When I’m off though, it feels like entertainment.


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