I actually went to the mart of Wall and went shopping (minor rant) Nothing you haven’t read here before

I hate myself for going to the company which is single handedly ruining small town America and ripping the Main Streets right out of the center of every town.There are children in kindergarten who will never know the joy of going to Newberry’s and picking out both a turtle and a bottle of Evening in Paris. 

I despise the concept of WalMart. Food!! Clothes!! Silverware!! Dog food!! Lots of parking!!

I hate their business practices.  I hate that they are about the only game in town if you are uneducated, untrained and too old to waitress anymore. So on the one hand, I hate them and despise myself for going there and on the other hand, if I don’t go there, they will close and THEN what will all these people do for a job?

However, since Jones’ Hardware went out of business and Claubes’ Drug no longer exists and Leone’s closed it doors and Coleman’s is no longer on the corner,  I have two choices–WalMart and Target and Target isn’t open until 8 and I was in the mood to go to the market at 0630.

I could have gone to SavMart for half of my list, except I wanted to make just one stop.

I like the way they do business at SaveMart. They are always willing to put my groceries in my car and are just, in general, happy and chipper and professional. No eye rolling. Always helpful. Small town nice.

I was there last week and one of their very young stockers was having a loud but private conversation with a grocery shopping friend. Now, it’s not that I haven’t heard the word’s “Fucker” or “Cocksucker” in my lifetime, but I am not usually spending money in a place of business. So I asked the guy if he worked there (“Duh.” Pointing to his nametag. “Yeah.)” and asked if he could call his manager (who was about 22.) Told Manager guy that stocker guy was having a private but very loud fucking, cocksucking conversation and I was rather offended. Was this company policy? Because I can easily go to WalMart where I know for a fact they don’t talk that way. So Manager guy talks to stocker guy who heaves a huge bothered sigh and tells me “I’m sorry if I offended you. K?” Well, no. Not K at all.

I asked him if there was ANY DOUBT I had been offended. Had I NOT been offended, I would be over in the chill section, looking for orange juice, shaking my head over this younger foul mouthed generation.
By adding on the word “if”, you are actually negating the entire apology. So “if” I wasn’t offended, the apology doesn’t count. And if that is the way you and your manager have decided to handle me, I can leave this cart, filled to the brim with stuff I was going to pay for, take my old lady money and drive A MILE to WalMart and spend my money there.

So here comes the head guy (and there were no raised voices, since there was no reason to raise any thing, not even my hand).  Evidently, Mr. Junior Manager and Mr. Just Hired Stockboy were totally failing to follow the most common behavioral policies. I did get an appropriate apology and when I got up to check out, the head guy apologized to me again. They had just recently hired a bunch of new, young stockers and they were turning out to be totally, insolently unacceptable. You can’t even begin to guess what is going on in a new hire’s brain. All you can do is apologize, fire the kid and hire the next guy on the list. What knock’s me out though is HOW does a guy like that even GET on the list? He was obviously one of those insolent, hair in his eyes, barely-finished-high-school-if-that kids who are on the short list to jail for selling dope or driving drunk.  if you’ve spent any time in a classroom, you know who I’m talking about.


One thought on “I actually went to the mart of Wall and went shopping (minor rant) Nothing you haven’t read here before

  1. I would not have bothered wasting my time complaining. I would have just taken my loaded cart to the cashier and said to them. . . this is what I wanted to buy today but your employees have no tact. Then leave. Exiting, sing Walmart, here I come!


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