Tuesday: Kitchen, laundry, laundry ROOM and downstairs bathroom

The counters are almost clean. The shelves are empty and their contents are running thru the dishwasher so everything will have a brief moment of cleanliness. I think I have 20 9X13 casseroles. The bathroom is clean clean clean and the kitchen table is filled with all the laundry junk. No idea how much stuff I had up so high I couldn’t reach it. Or exactly how short I am. (Very)

Most of what I’m doing today is putting away what I dragged out yesterday. After about 2:45, I will be totally knackered, so things slow down around then. I can get a lot down in a half day (proving a point only to myself), but after that, I am useless. (Those medical appointments knock me out.)

All the new white shelf liners just look so sparkling white, clean and tidy. It gives me great pleasure.

I also ordered a dozen true blue polo shirts for Mike to wear, along with a true blue zip front sweatshirt. I got him a dozen 501’s for Christmas before his last dozen started to look ratty. When I’m out in the morning, I need to pick u a dozen pair of navy socks, too. If I order things in dozens, in the same color, same manufacturer, life is just easier.

Then Wednesday, if the weather is nice–clean out the car! It is a mess and I’ve gotten all the laundry done for the beach. I just have to pack all the stuff up in the back of the truck.

Stitches is a week away.
Not that I’m counting.

Busy. Busy. Busy.


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