Carpet! We’ve got carpet!

We’ve been re-doing the hotel for 13 years now, all as we get the cash together so it is paid for. Most of it has hardwood floors we salvaged from the old Stratford School. I love the idea that I taught in schools just like that and now I have the old classroom floors in MY house. In the kitchen and the laundry room, too. It looks so beautiful! I have large Oriental and Persian rugs—some of them are the old fashioned silk knotted ones that have faded into such gentle colors.

But my bedroom, closet and sewing room are going to be carpeted. When we do work this way, we aren’t going to Home Depot and choosing a brand new carpet. Were going to Robinson’s here in town and seeing what partial rolls they have on deep discount. It actually forces me to be more creative because I don’t have the choice of 500 greens. Sometimes too many choices are just too many choices. I had that problem with the lighting. Too many choices is just too many.

I walked into a huge warehouse with tons of rolls of carpet and picked a pretty soft sage-y, bay leaf, Spanish Moss green.It was the same one Mike had picked out earlier in the day and put on hold. Still have lay down a membrane so the floor doesn’t bounce (this is a REAL old house. Nothing is square). Then the big thick pad and carpet goes down and I can have my sewing room all moved in (it’s ready, just not on site).

The king sized bed that is in the big middle of my living room goes as soon as Mike gets the carpet down and the pedestal built for it. It is a Temperpedic and weighs about 400 pounds. I like a high bed, with drawers underneath the bed. So he’s going to build it on site. I bought the most beautiful headboard at a yardsale–wait until it is in place and I get the photos posted. It is just beautiful.

The bed we sleep on now will go into the guest room–which I am still up in the air about how to decorate. I’m thinking white and yellow, Victorian pull-down shades and lace curtains. That’s as far as I’ve gotten. Maybe with some green.

I’ve got my tapestry which is giving me this really sophisticated palette which we’ve used throughout the whole house. It makes everything hang together in such a cohesive manner. I drag it around with me so I know if something is going to work or not. So far, I haven’t made a mistake yet. If it goes along with the tapestry, it will fit in the whole place. And part of the fun of having such a big place, with some many element is being able to drag pieces from one room to another for a change.

Now I need to find the perfect Thomasville love seat and two leather chairs to go in the library in front of the fireplace. I have a big round game table in one corner with two antique barber chairs all renickled and re-porcelained and upholstered in a burgundy alligator hide. So cool. I have my grandmothers big Art Deco square chair that is going in the other corner of the library, with a floor lamp. It has great wide armrests–the perfect size for grand babies to sit on when you read to them.


4 thoughts on “Carpet! We’ve got carpet!

    1. I have large Persian carpets in most of the rooms (the relly old old old silk ones), to break up all the wood. But I wanted our bedroom to be quieter and different from the rest of the house. With the two verandas, I have almost 6,000 square feet–crazy huge, I know.

  1. Ooooooooo…sounds gorgeous. I agree about carpet in the bedroom. I like the way it will muffle noise, and I also like my dainty little tootsies to meet soft cushy carpet when I climb out of bed on cold mornings.

    I love hearing about your rehabing and such of L’Hotel…vive Chloe!

  2. Just wanted to say I stumbled across your profile on Etsy and followed your blog trail here. Your hotel / home sounds amazing! We did a lot of renovating on our house when we bought it, it has been in the extended family since being built in the early 50’s, but your renovation sounds truly epic! The library you have, wow, that is probably my biggest dream, aside from owning a large jewelry studio one day, I want a house big enough for a real honest to goodness library! Happy reading and renovating! 🙂

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