Do you ever wonder how those people in your junk folder GOT your email?

This whole weekend, I have been getting whack link emails from people I know. They usually come in either to me or to me and three or four other people…as if the sender was “chaining” three or four people with a message. The subject line either has no message, “Hi” or someone’s name (Jean-Luc, for example).

So I’ve done several levels of clean-up and changed all my passwords.

In October, I received the entire Zimmermaniac blog and got a ton of heat. It was some kind of hacker thing. I noticed later that several of the new Zimmermanic’s posted they were having problems getting the RSS feed (well, I think that was the problem. I just remember thinking it was part of the same hacker thing).

Then, in December, I got some whack emails which I deleted and of course, I mark all of my junk as phishing and delete that stuff.

Today I’ve gotten two messages from friends telling me they received a whack email from me. I’ve gotten several of those “did not deliver” automatic messages regarding emails I didn’t send to people I don’t know.
One of the guys at work must have been hacked as well, because he is getting the “failed to deliver” from me, except now he thinks I’m mad at him and am blocking his messages. He’s a moron. Like I spend my days blocking people. Although now that I think of it, I should.


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