Here it is the middle of March already

Stitches 2010, TeacherLinda and Olivia, new carpet and the ER

I loved Stitches 2010. I ran into a lot of gals I know from their blogs. That was great. People in the wild are just great. I think interesting old people were interesting young people and they HAVE interests and passions and it all makes for a really rich life. Like the totally fun Rachel over at Yarn-A-Go Go (Writers Unite! Little Mama would be so proud!)

My classes were wonderful and informative and I met a bunch of really nice women. No one does their best work in a workshop and we all suffer from thoughts of inadequacy.  Not me! I already know my inadequacies.  I was happy to find the room and arrive with my needles and yarn intact.  But I sat with some really friendly pleasant women who were happy to help, so just that was worth the price.

I really want to go next year.  If Marji can’t go for all of the days, Ben said he’d go with me. ..except for sure, I would have to drive down the night before.  Marji and I almost died driving up on Thursday, going right into classes, going to the vastly overwhelming Market and the checking in. We were hungry and over tired and almost cranky. Not with each other, just in general. I wanted to climb on the luggage trolley and have the bellman cart me up to my room and rub my feet.  Lucky for us there was room service.

I took a Russian lace class from Galina Khmeleva, who I’ve found out weeks later is a superstar of the Russian lace knitting world. I just found her to be talented and funny and not impressed with herself. And her accent! She sounded exactly like my Russian Grandma Martha! I was expecting her to set down with honey and cinnamon tea and little doughy  white cookies. She even spit when she said Siberia, just like Grandma Martha!

I think I have found my bliss…and to think I took the class only because I was so afraid of lace knitting. Too complicated. Too tricky. Too everything I’m not and can’t do. And it is nothing. Nothing!
Well, except time and who doesn’t have that?

On Saturday, still and ever lovely Linda and Olivia came over from Santa Cruz. Linda and I taught together in LA oh, 22 years ago. We’ve kept in touch but haven;t seen each other well, I guess since before Olivia was born. Olivia, who looks exactly like her mother, is in third grade and just learned how to knit and that is her
bliss. She was just delightful! Sometimes I forget how much I enjoy little kids, because teaching felons is a totally different skill set.

We had loaned some money to a co-worker (I know–stupid in the extreme and NOT something I will ever do again. Ever.) It took him three years to repay us and it took me 780 reminders to actually get the money from his hand to mine. The only smart thing we did was get a promissory note and collateral that he wanted back.

So the day after he paid us off, we ordered the carpet for the master suite at the hotel. It is sort of a Spanish Moss green and very pretty with the other colors in the bedroom. The minute is is laid, I can get my sewing room put together. I have everything ready and I can’t wait to get it out of this house. I am so excited to get this done. We have the furniture and I’d like to be able to get it all furnished just so I can get some stuff out of storage. I need to find my camera doo-hickey so I can post some updated photos (I have them on my camera and of course, no camera hookups on the planet).

Monday last, my husband went to work and then came back home for breakfast. I was upstairs and heard him rooting around in the dishwasher like a raccoon. He had fixed himself some cereal in a plate, which was on the odd side. When I got downstairs, I thought maybe he just couldn’t find a cereal bowl and was impatient. So I took his plate and fixed him up a bowl. When I literally turned around, he was trying to get up. Trying. Then when I asked him if he was okay,  he started to just babble. I sent Ben across the street to get Linn to help me get him into the car. By the time Linn got in the house, it was obvious that he needed an ambulance.

So off we go to the ER, where he spent 12 hours before being admitted into the hospital. The ER was just packed and the hospital had people in the halls. It was an organized madhouse. We saw the neuro doctor who had treated him several years ago, when he had his first stroke.  Because it was so minor, Mike was sure he hadn’t had one and I was equally sure that he had. This time, I didn’t care what they found or didn’t find because I already knew pretty much what had happened. During the whole CT/MRI thing they found a tumor (I know..eeeek! Eeeek! Eeeeeek!) but the stroke thing is what worried me.

He spent a week in the hospital and came home Friday night. He’s been sleeping a LOT since Friday evening and I can tell that he is not up on top of his game…and I’m hoping it is just that residual “week in the hospital” thing.

I hope.

2 thoughts on “Here it is the middle of March already

  1. My friend and co-worker recently woke up to the same mental confusion as your husband. She spent 2 days in the hospital, underwent a CAT scan and MRI, and they found that her stroke was caused by the leakage of a teeny-tiny aneurysm. It’s inoperable unless it gets much bigger. The good news is that it will be monitored closely, and she was able to return to work less than a week later. I hope your husband’s return to himself is just as swift. She does has some trouble coming up with an exact word, but, she says, since she’s a special ed teacher no one will notice. 😉

  2. Thanks, Meggin. I have a teeny tiny aneurysm kink in my head that is too tiny and too deep to go digging after. My migraine doctors think that might be the culprit.

    We both will continue to be monitored–the cllinic is literally five minutes away and we can walk in, get check and be on our way.

    Thank you for some GOOD news…because this has been one scary week!

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